Classical Drawing Skills 1

30 April - 21 May 10 - 12.30pm

Pegasus Art, Griffin Mill

London Road, Thrupp, Stroud GL5 2AZ

Drawing is a fundamental skill and the one vital element  where every artist should be at least modestly competent. This course will teach you the classic method, and it is how artists would have always learned their trade before they moved onward into painting, sculpture, or any type of representational art.


In four weeks this introduction & confidence builder for newbies and refresher for everyone else will change the way you see and approach a drawing session. Learn how to get accurate proportion and understand how viewpoint (perspective) affects your results.

Empower your visual dexterity whilst enjoying the craft and the power this course will release.

If you attend just one course in 2019 then this ought to be it.  Suitable for all competencies. Materials supplied

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