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Urban sketching

The bustle of market day and the beauty of the buildings are all elements that Urban Sketching capture for a morning of observation.

Urban sketch days will become more popular in my diary and I'm starting to set a series of them out with this first one starting with a short briefing and technique guide. 

Meeting at 9.30am in a cafe in Stroud you will have a half hour of tuition and briefing to get you started on a two and a half hour sketch session around the town and market. Do your own thing or stick close to the tutor for on-going support. Mediums  to use : Drawing pens, marker pens, pencil. Sketchbooks any size. A5 is good

We then convene back at the cafe to review our work with short critique from the tutor. 

Sat 4th April - 10 am-1.00pm meet at Curio Lounge cafe
9-11 Kings Street, Stroud Gloucs, GL5 3BX 
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