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Painting out

All artists should paint out! There's a sweeping's true. If most of the year one is stuck inside in a studio or room that is your staple method of producing work then it's vital to get out and paint en plein air.

Painting in Padstwow, Cornwall

Painting out gives access to much more than just the scene in front of you. Getting out to paint is a way of becoming part of the landscape yourself and interacting with it. If you feel uncomfortable about the possibility that people will want to look at what you're doing or talk to you that is part of the fun of it. Sit with your back to a wall or to a tree maybe but remember anyone who wants to see will without fail envy you for your amazing skills and wish they were doing it themselves.

A few tips:- don't be too ambitious, if you'd rather not paint then take a sketchbook, don't paint too large, something like 30 x 25cm 12 x 10 inches or even smaller means that you'll not struggle to finish and not feel pressurised to cover a huge area. Also keeping small means that if it gets windy you'll not have to chase a piece of paper, canvas or board up the road. Paint on an easel or in a pochade similar to the one I'm using in the photograph of me at Padstow. If you use watercolour keep it simple too. I usually paint on a piece of paper taped to a small board A4 size. I can't be doing with flapping or buckling pages. Don't forget your water or if oils your diluents and stick to one or two brushes.

Most of all enjoy it and you'll be out in the fresh air too. If you would like to join me for painting out sessions I go out three or four times a year in the summer so sign up to my mailing list and I'll email you when we go. It's free and you can just turn up.

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