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Personal Mentoring

Mentoring is utilising the experience of a professional artist as a personal advisor, sounding-board, tutor, or all three.

At periods in an artist's development it is not unusual to feel lost or confused in finding a path through creativity. Even in the most productive periods uncertainty as to where to step next can be masked by the very success apparent at the time.  


Whether it is something relatively simple such as the practical elements of the creative process or something a little more involved such as 'where should I focus my time?' or 'what directions are open to me?' mentoring could be the answer. Sometimes helping to re-instigate lost motivation or highlighting the obvious, mentoring can prove invaluable. It could help change to happen and assist in building confidence 


Mentoring is a personal understanding, by taking time to examine the artist's goals, reviewing past work and achievements and making suggestions to enhance the recognition of opportunities.


Call me on 07792 015059 or email me


I'm sure I can help you to move forward



Part one session consultation £195

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