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Draw & paint the Natural World

Dry Tree Trunk

Explore by drawing and your choice of paint medium this planet of ours in all it's natural beauty. A close up of a flower, a piece of driftwood, a fox, the scene of Lake Titicaca or trees from your garden or local park.

Each produce a new challenge for an artist and you will be shown how to handle the softness of clouds, the sharpness of rose thorns or how to make the mountains seem more real in the distance

Either way you will benefit from a ten week course learning to create art of your favourite subjects.

All ability of artist

5th March - Tuesdays
10.00am - 12.30pm  - 10 weeks
Pegasus Arts - Griffin Mill, Thrupp, Stroud 

Please book here or contact Max Hale 07792 015059 to book by phone. Bank transfer also available Payee Maxwell Hale  sort code 070806  a/c 10049188

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