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Casual portraits

Using your choice of medium, you will learn the elements that make painting portraits an enthralling subject.

These day workshops are to encourage painting portraits in 'normal' environments. They will incorporate a relaxed approach to posing, rather than the formality of standard portraiture.

Working from a live sitter if possible you will learn how construct relaxed poses and work toward gaining an accurate likeness. Special areas of concentration will be colour mixing for flesh tones and interweaving colour into your work.

All competencies.

Contemplation on coffee and cake - oil o

18th May 2021  10 - 4 pm

25th May 2021  10 - 4 pm

Pegasus Arts, Griffin Mill, London Road, Thrupp, Stroud GL5 2AZ

Or book by email        Pay Maxwell Hale sort  070806 a/c 10049188

£80 day or both days £150

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