Painters Masterly 2021

In it's third year, a long-term course for acrylic or oil painters to completely examine their style and approach with plenty of time for learning with ongoing tuition. If you paint in oil or acrylic and want to improve your total skills but are disappointed with short courses leaving you in mid-air, look no further


It has been designed specifically by the tutor & offers the artist a much improved learning experience incorporating valuable practice time and opportunities to study favourite genres as the course progresses. During the classes the artist will be introduced to pertinent skills helpful in certain genres and technique relevant to particular subjects. Being able to use these skills throughout will give the artist greater understanding and confidence as they progress, consolidating as they paint, continuing throughout. 


You will be offered projects to help improve your creativity and sessions to include anchor time teaching for all to join in. This all-inclusive course is a way to feel part of a group going for improvement in a progressive yet friendly environment and beautifully equipped studio.

This course* comprises term sessions from January to end July or if you wish to include autumn term too, a further term can be added at time of booking or later should you prefer.

The course is sold by term at the moment booked and payable in advance

All artists will receive personal feedback throughout

This is not suitable for total beginners never having painted in the mediums stated.

Postponed until further notice due to restrictions

Pegasus Art - Griffin Mill, London Road, Thrupp, Stroud GL5 2AZ
Tuesdays 1.15pm - 4.15pm

First Term      19 Jan - 30th March

Second Term  13th Apr - 25th May

Third Term     15th June - 20th July

Course prospectus

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Book here or call Max on 07792 015059 or email