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Small group workshops*

 Magical landscapes in 'Mixed-Media'

Mixed-media is the art of creating a painting using two or more different types of paint or drawing in a complementary manner. It is one of the most creative and freedom provoking genres to paint. 

This small-group day workshop gives you the opportunity to learn and experiment as to which mediums work best and how you can add a further dimension to your work. 
You may bring any mediums to try from watercolour, ink, pastel, crayon acrylic paint or acrylic inks etc. I can supply other mediums for you to try too Oil based mediums are not suitable 

Materials available to buy at the workshop - all competencies

5th September 2023  

10 am - 4.00pm 

Studio 1V Pegasus Art

Griffin Mill, Thrupp GL5 2AZ

*Maximum 3 artists for a more
personal class

Or call 07792 015059

to book by phone

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