17 Apr 2017

I've been moved to Blog about something I think little about when I do it, but I understand how others might well be completely at sea over the issue of pricing their work to show.

Recently I have experienced artists exhibiting, or have work for sale on their websites, at best at unrealistic prices. How do I come to this conclusion? Mostly, I know them personally and or I am aware of their work through my professional pr...

2 Mar 2017

2016 saw a huge change in my painting career and my tuition. My painting became more diverse in as much that I became even looser in my style. I pushed further forward with oils and reduced my involvement with acrylics. I haven't lost interest in acrylics but the focus of my style and the desire to discover what more I could do with oils, became more valuable to my journey. Acrylics have a place always in my tool kit bu...

30 Jun 2016

All artists should paint out! There's a sweeping statement.....it's true. If most of the year one is stuck inside in a studio or room that is your staple method of producing work then it's vital to get out and paint en plein air. 

 Painting out gives access to much more than just the scene in front of you. Getting out to paint is a way of becoming part of the landscape yourself and interacting with it. If you feel uncomf...

26 May 2016

 Today saw the release of my Summer School places. I love this time of year and planning my week summer school is the highlight of May. Sadly this year I have only one 'school' as the Kemble venue is being refurbished so the Broad Hinton School August week lives on it's own with ten places.



This year I'm devising a new programme. There will be opportunities to learn a new skill, brush up on existing ones and...

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