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Portraiture for beginners

Portraits are tough to do but with the right teaching you can become quite competent in a short tine.

This course will take you to the heart of the matter and get you enjoting capturing those elusive likenesses


Over six weeks you will learn the true elements of portrait drawing and painting. Commencing with the structure of the face and how to deal with the features, through to using your chosen medium to paint the subjects.

As a committed portrait and figure painter Max has spent many hours refining the process and gaining experience of the face and body. In this very special six weeks you will be taught how to get a likeness and how to deal with anomalies of skin tone, hair, along with the features individually and contextual elements

All competencies including beginners


Pegasus Art Stroud

7th January 2020

6 weeks (Tuesdays)

10am - 12.30pm

Or call 07792 015059 to book by phone

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